Everyone has a story to tell. This page aims to feature personal experiences and narratives about mental health. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where people find power in sharing and confronting past trauma. Putting pen to paper with some of your past challenges and obstacles can be a therapeutic release and a liberating experience. Not only will your bravery serve you, but it will also inspire and motivate others who may be experiencing a similar situation.

Humans connect through storytelling; your journey may give others the means to change or share their narrative. Personal stories possess a combination of truth and strength that can touch individuals and grip someone somewhere emotionally. Our purpose is to create a safe space where people are comfortable sharing and provide a sense of empowerment for our readership who can make a difference.

Your personal stories can either align with the weekly topic or any general mental health experience. It can range from anything you are willing to share, be it a difficult time in life that you overcame, a moment that defined you, or a key takeaway. It is your narrative, please feel free to express it however you want.

To submit/ publish a personal story, you can either comment below this page detailing your viewpoint, experience, reflection or send it through to the below email:

You have the freedom to remain anonymous or share your name with both options.

We welcome and encourage advice related matters or therapeutic journaling through our email option for non-publishing purposes also.

Thank you for your courage and support.

3 thoughts on “PERSONAL STORIES

  1. The positivity that lies behind this blog is uncanny. As I speak from experience as someone who has faced traumas, depressions, high and lows I cannot agree more with what this blog entices. There are many people in today’s society who have been brought up by the “get up and move on” mentality that many of our parents have strung unto us due to their way of being raised in the much different times . Mental health awareness has not been something many people have felt the want to be open an honest about, I am thankful for this blog as it allows me to share my thoughts, views and opinions with those who too can both relate and symosthize. I hope to share my stories with many people who could assist by explaining their way of dealing with certain hardships we experience in this blessing of life. I’ve lost someone extremely close to me and for a long time since the loss of my dearly loved one I’ve had a fear of losing anyone who means the most to me. I am proud to say I have overcome this fear, I have overcome it by realizing life is a moment and should enjoyed as such. We are all too aware of how much could change in a day; if you’re living in the moment, enjoying every second not stressing about what the inevitable future holds you are bound to live at ease. Imagine enjoying every moment as just that, a moment!! When you look back all you have is enjoyable moments to reminisce about instead of stressful times and sleepless nights tossing and turning, over thinking about things you do not have power to change. “Enjoy every second as if it were your last as one-day you could be correct”.

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    1. Your optimism is so refreshing! Thank you for your support and for sharing your story. I designed this platform for moments like these. We have so much to offer each other as a community by being understanding of ones struggle/ trauma and talking about it. We can no longer carry the pain of the generations before us, it is up to us to know better and be more aware. Sometimes all you need is an ear and I’m listening. I am sorry to hear about your loss my sincerest condolences to you and your family, with such a significant loss, life may never be the same but despite your trauma you bring so much light. I completely agree with you we forget to live in the moment. Too concerned with the stresses and hassles we become lost in it all and lose sight of what life is all about. Your journey is unique to you and going through the motions be it bad/good are part of what gives life’s it’s meaning. Society often isolates those in mourning “Get over it” however there is no timetable or schedule for something so life altering. Healing is a process. I admire your positive mindset and your courage to acknowledge your pain whilst making steps to see the beauty in life again. I wish your all the best on your journey. Stay blessed and you know where to find me.

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